Eddie McColl

One of Scotland's Leading Sleight-of-Hand Magicians

About Eddie McColl

Elegant Manipulation

Eddie McColl is often described by magicians as having a softness and elegance with cards that is rarely seen. Eddie has performed on television and stage as both a close up and parlour magician since a young age. 

In his later life, Eddie’s passion became more focused on cards. Studying under Roy Walton and Gordon Bruce, Eddie has studied works including Marlo, Vernon and, Ramsay; whilst also adding his own, modern touch.

Eddie considers himself a student of magic, and lucky to have been able to share with and learn from magicians all over the world.

“Eddie Mccoll is the next best thing coming from Scotland after Scotch Whisky and Sean Connery”

Jean Jacques Sanvert

“Eddie is a real pro and we are lucky that he has chosen to share his thoughts and methods with the magic community. You should take advantage of his generosity.”

Gary Plants

Launching July 2021

Level 1 Close Up Magic Course

Live Classes

Limited to 16 people, each weekly class is designed to ensure you are able to get quality teaching.


The student portal encourages you discuss with each other and give honest feedback on progress.

Focus videos

After each live class, focus videos on the content will be available to enable effect study and practice.

Starting 3rd July 2021 – for more details click below.

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