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The Glasgow Connection

This new DVD from Eddie McColl features nine powerful routines from Scotland’s best kept secret. These routines will both engage and impress your audience.

The effects presented on this DVD are a cross section of Eddie’s close up card magic – ranging from sleight heavy mechanic effects to elegant impossible magic.

This DVD also features a in-depth training section called Toolbox. Here, Eddie teaches some of the more technical sleights and his handling on some of card magic’s most versatile moves.

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Ginsburg Aces – 4 Aces are produced from a shuffled deck using the Ginsburg Poke. 
Impossible Location – The deck is shuffled by the spectator and a card which is looked at is found in an impossible way.
Merlin’s Lost Ace Trick – A very direct four ace assembly. 
Two Card to Pocket Transposition – A combination of card to pocket with two selections and a classic transposition. 
Stabbed – The classic stab effect using another card instead of a knife.
Triple Location – three cards lost in a shuffled deck are found in an impossible manner.
Bold Travellers – The classic Vernon Travellers effect all from one palm.
Shuffle Trap – An impossible two card transposition using riffle shuffles.
No Rollover Aces – Four aces are found from a shuffled deck, only to climax with each of the four aces having found their royal flushes.



“The finest table top card work I’ve seen, in such an elegant and deceptive way.” – John Carey (via Magic Cafe)

“His Methods are ingenious.” – Roy Walton

“I’ve seen him perform for laymen and magicians with devastating effect.” – Gordon Bruce

“The best kept secret in Europe” – Paul Cummings

“This man crushed me with his unbelievable sleight of hand” – Robert Moreland

“He shuffles cards naturally with an incredible soft touch” – David Solomon

“A wonderful DVD with superb performances. I highly recommend it. My favourites include Ginsburg Aces, McColl’s Lost Aces and Bold Travellers.” – Tom Gagnon

“Eddie McColl’s magic is the perfect example how one turns deception into perception within the spectator’s mind.” – Howard Hamburg

“Scottish magicians are indeed fortunate that we have Eddie in our number with his consummate skill and clever ideas.” – Andy Galloway


“I don’t often recommend DVDs, but here’s one for serious card aficionados that’ll keep you busy.

It’s “The Glasgow Connection” by Eddie McColl, containing 9 effects using moves like the Push-Through Shuffle and lots more, plus thorough explanations of the moves used. One of the effects, No Rollover Aces, is a straightforward variation of the trick popularized by Derek Dingle, and it’s a killer.

Eddie is one of the finest card handlers I have ever seen, and one person who agrees is the legendary Roy Walton, who introduces the video. Eddie does his magic slowly and deliberately, which makes everything just seem all the more impossible.

The DVD is available from Russ Stevens’ RSVP Magic, and seems to have been shot with no set in Russ’s home with his wife and daughter as assisting spectators. The production is simple, but sufficient, and Russ’s camerawork and editing are superb as usual.

The explanation of the Push-Through Shuffle is the very best I have ever seen. Put in the work and you’ll have an amazing tool you can use in all your card work.

Eddie is a student of the great Gordon Bruce. He’s learned well.

This has my highest recommendation.” – Matthew Field