Practical Bottom Deals



Practical Bottom Deals focuses on strike and push-out bottom deals for magic and magicians. The material covered in this download provides teaching on timing, rhythm, subtleties and grips as well the two deals. Eddie also teaches two practical effects using the bottom deal.

Eddie has applied his experience and touch to helping you improve your bottom deals and elevate your magic to the next level.

Taught using 4 camera angles, the download goes in-depth into the action of each deal, as well as how to improve your timing to make the move even more gentle and imperceptible.

This download assumes an intermediate level with cards and having explored the bottom deal before.

Running time: 34min
File Size: 1.0GB


  • The Grip
  • Strike Bottoms
  • Push Out Bottoms


  • Ace Production – Gene Maze
  • Merlin’s Lost Ace Trick – Eddie McColl