I’ve Forgotten More Card Tricks than I can Remember

Over the years I’ve played with, learned and performed countless effects and routines, not just card tricks but also coins, linking rings and, rope effects; you name it, I will most likely have played with it. But as is the way with these things, I’ve forgotten a lot of them. While I can recall the names, or plots of many those effects, I most likely couldn’t perform them. I’m sure you are the same.

It’s always nice to rediscover old props or be reminded of old tips that I’ve picked up along the way. Clearing out and reorganising my office has been a great trip down memory lane for me, with several wonderful reminders. It always amazes me how being reminded of one thing can trigger a whole collection of memories to come flooding back. I’m not quite sure what reminded me of the card trick I perform in this weeks vlog, but it was nice to be reminded.

In my latest vlog (watch on YouTube) I showcase an old rope prop that some of you might recognise, as well as perform a nice touch on an old plot given to me by Gordon Bruce. Gordon would often give me tips or suggestions that would take a effect and turn it into something unique. In this case, it wasn’t a move or principle that he shared, but a line of presentation that changed the feel of the entire effect.

Sessioning an effect in magic isn’t just about refining technique or developing method; it is about improving the effect as a whole. And in many cases, it is the presentation that needs to be touched upon. Work with other magicians to hone your magic and take it to the next level.

Beginners Workshop

I am beginners workshop in a couple of weeks time (3rd April 2021) which will focus on content that has been requested by the attendees. Once you’ve bought a ticket you’ll be emailed a registration link for Zoom which contains a couple of questions to help guide the content.

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