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The Table Bundle

£30.00 £25.00


This bundle is designed to give you the tools for delivering impossible table card magic. Bringing together Eddie McColl’s Table False Shuffle project and Table False Cuts you will be learn some of the most advanced card handling techniques with Eddie’s soft touches.

Table False Cut Project

In this download, Eddie teaches five powerful false cuts for use at the table. Alongside teaching his handlings of these moves, Eddie also includes some of his insights into structuring your magic. Eddie discusses when to use false-cuts; how to add beats and pauses to make them, even more, deceiving; as well as his thoughts on how to pace an effect to remove suspicion. Learn more

Table False Shuffle Project

In the Table Shuffle Project Eddie teaches how he does Edward Marlo’s ‘Strip Out shuffle’. Eddie has spent over a decade studying Marlo’s Riffle Shuffle Systems and in this download shares his interpretation of this false shuffle. But wait, there’s more. On top of the strip out shuffle, Eddie also includes a breakdown of the Push Through shuffle, and a latter improvement, the Pinch Through shuffle. Adding any one of these shuffles to your arsenal will put you in a great position as a magician and card technician. Eddie then breaks down techniques for carrying out top and bottom block transfers using the strip out shuffle. Read more

£30.00 £25.00