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The Cuts Bundle

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False cuts are an incredible tool for your arsenal, which is why Eddie McColl has bundled together both his projects on false cuts. Perfecting just a single one of these sleights will improve your ability to control a deck, but adding several will give you the power of flexibility, being able to use the best deception in the moment.

The Cold Deck Cut Project

This download covers Eddie’s work on Dai Vernon’s Cold Deck Cut. In this download, Eddie teaches the Cold Deck Cut (an excerpt from his 2019 lecture notes DVD) and then provides two of his own variations on the move. Read more

The Table False Cut Project

In this download, Eddie teaches five powerful false cuts for use at the table. Alongside teaching his handlings of these moves, Eddie also includes some of his insights into structuring your magic. Eddie discusses when to use false-cuts; how to add beats and pauses to make them, even more, deceiving; as well as his thoughts on how to pace an effect to remove suspicion. Lean more

Original price was: £18.00.Current price is: £15.00.