The Cold Deck Cut Project (Download)



This download covers Eddie’s work on Dai Vernon’s Cold Deck Cut. In this download, Eddie teaches the Cold Deck Cut (an excerpt from his 2019 lecture notes DVD) and then provides two of his own variations on the move:

  1. A one-handed variation—Eddie has modified the handling of the move so that he cuts with just one hand each time before executing a final cut to finish the sequence.
  2. A to the table variation—By combining the Mel Stover “Winnipeg Cut” with Vernon’s Cold Deck Cut, Eddie has developed a to the table handling so you can keep the deck on complete control in the process of cutting the cards to the table from dealers grip.

As well as teaching these three cuts, Eddie also covers Mel Stover’s Winnipeg Cut, touching on a few details that make this well known cut worth your time.

Running Time: 8m49s


Professional Reviews

“As with Eddie’s DVD’s, these specialized videos will take your handling to the next level. Eddie is a real pro and we are lucky that he has chosen to share his thoughts and methods with the magic community. You should take advantage of his generosity.” – Gary Plants