The Classic Pass (Download)



In this download, Eddie covers his handling of the Classic Pass. Eddie has spent years combining several different techniques from Derek Dingle, Hoffman, Gordon Bruce and Roy Walton to create a pass that is very slow and silent. Everything you need in a classic pass.

As well as detailing the Classic Pass, in this download, Eddie touches on a tip from Roy Walton regarding having a continuing action following a sleight. This idea takes a sleight from being a move to being part of something else, which acts to hide the work.

Running Time: 8m08s


Customer Reviews

“I found your download to be excellent  I’ve been practising the Classic Pass for a while now but I’m always on the lookout for extra pointers and tips.” – Glenn Moulds

Professional Reviews

“As with Eddie’s DVD’s, these specialized videos will take your handling to the next level. Eddie is a real pro and we are lucky that he has chosen to share his thoughts and methods with the magic community. You should take advantage of his generosity.” – Gary Plants