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Gordon Bruce Lecture Notes – Buffalo 2015



Gordon Bruce compiled this collection of notes for the Buffalo 52 convention in 2015. The CD contains scans of a selection of Gordon’s notes that were originally produced for his past lectures. Many of them have been updated with photographs to improve the quality of the explanations. Alongside these notes, the CD contains several extracts from other publications of Gordon’s effects.

Gordon has been performing magic since he was very young, writing to Dai Vernon when he was just 16 years old, after hearing that Vernon was the ultimate “improver” of magic. This resulted in a friendship and Gordon travelled to the Castle to meet Vernon and to perform on several occaisions. Many of the effects presented in the collection were developed through conversations with Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Alex Elmsley and countless others from that era.

Gordon is a very good friend and inspiration of Eddie’s and it’s a pleasure to present a collection of Gordon’s notes and a few other published pieces from books and magazines for you here.



  • A Scots Discovery (1986)—Coin and Note magic including a note production, a coin pass, coins through handkerchief, and a handling of chink-a-chink.
  • Birmingham (1982)—Card and Coin magic with updated photographs. Includes a colour changing deck, card through handkerchief, a collection of Gordon’s Okito Box effects and routine, and a multi-phase card routine.
  • Edinburgh (1983)—Card and coin magic with updated photographs. These notes include a Boston Box routine, a homing card routine, Gordon’s false shuffle, an impossible two selection transposition between a wallet and an envelope, a cards to pocket routine, coin to sugar packet, and notes on the double lift.
  • Half an Hour With (1986)—Given just 30 minutes at the Edinburgh Magic Circle, Gordon presented a few “quickies” from his repertoire. These notes include a get ready for a double lift during an overhand shuffle, a card transposition using the “Lay Down Switch” from Vernon’s Revelations, a sandwich routine, and a signed selection to card case which is found sandwiched between two jokers.

Book & Magazine Effects

Alongside Gordon’s notes, this collection also includes Gordon’s effects and sleights from the following publications:

  • Opus
  • Pabular (One-man Issue)
  • Roger’s Thesaurus
  • Best of British